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BOMAT was established in 1992, designing and making special equipment and automation.
This activity was later developed into the division of metallic bending production for refrigeration application, air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, piping systems and plants for liquids and gases in general.

The company, thanks to the long experience achieved in both sectors and its skilled personnel, is able to guarantee, the highest qualitative standards and the shortest delivery term.

A suite of advanced technology, cutting edge machinery combined to a careful and effective production schedule, generate a flexible company, able to fulfill all customer’s requirements.

All the manufacturing processes and raw materials used are checked and tracked in our quality management system according to ISO Certification 9001:2008.
Therefore Bomat is a reliable partner for the products supplied, ensuring the feasibility of all the customer’s requirements.

Our technical office, thanks to decades of experience and the use of modern software for 3D CAD design, is able to offer useful support to the customer in the early stages of the product design, analyzing and suggesting solutions in order to optimize the production and to gain cost competitiveness.