Quality and certifications

Our quality certifications

Bomat operates under a Quality System certified ISO 9001:2015 to ensure the reliability and traceability of our products even after delivery.

Our expertise and the continuous professional development of our personnel allowed us to achieve certifications for both our brazing procedures (UNI EN 13134:2002) and the operators that carry out these operations (UNI/EN 13133:2002).

Our manufacturing process for the creation of tubes and assemblies

Research & development

Co-design and in-house equipment manufacture

Once the position of the components of the circuit and its overall dimensions have been established, we are able to support your technical department for the design of shaped tubes, tube fabrications or assemblies. This allows us to industrialize the product at the earliest stage well before production, to save your time and your money at the actual manufacturing stage. 

With our R&D department, we design and produce in house the equipment that will be needed to manufacture the product. Upon request, we also design equipment for third parties.

Raw materials

100% pure copper for tubes of max. Ø22mm diameter

For the production of tubes up to a diameter of 22 mm, we only use 100% pure, certified copper coil from European manufacturers. We also work tubes of other materials, including aluminium, iron and steel, and we can use commercial components for the fabrication of assemblies as well.


Hydrogen brazing for a more streamlined process

Using latest generation equipment, our production processes are streamlined and optimised. The main types of operations we carry out include bending, forming and brazing. We also carry out enlargements, shrinkages and all the other operations necessary to create end connections in the assemblies. All our operators are trained for their specific area of work.

For assemblies and tube fabrications, we employ hydrogen brazing technology, using 100% self-produced oxyhydrogen. Hydrogen brazing is more sustainable, less dangerous and safer for the health of our operators. It also results in better quality and a more streamlined process than traditional methods.

Tests and inspections

Average zero return rate

At the end of production, we carry out all tests and inspections as requested and agreed with our customer. Each batch is assigned a unique code that makes it traceable even after time. The quality of our work and our final quality controls allow us to have a return rate percentage close to zero.

Equipment department

In-house design and production of jigs and fixtures

We design and manufacture in-house all the equipment needed to process the tubes we fabricate. Not having to rely on external contractors allows us to be faster, more efficient, more reliable and to achieve higher quality production.

Higher performance
More reliable
More quality

We self-produce the resources we need for a more sustainable manufacturing

Every year our photovoltaic panels generate 91% of the energy we consume. In addition, we self-produce the oxyhydrogen used in brazing, for greater safety, health and sustainability, both for the operator and the environment.