About us
About us

Bomat, since 1992

We design, process, machine and fabricate copper tubes up to a diameter of 22mm for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems and equipment. These parts can be assembled together by brazing or mechanically, using special custom-built jigs and fixtures.

Our team includes technical designers, CNC machine operators, certified brazing welders, as well as an internal Research & Development department, where we design and build special equipment and automation systems, either to be used in-house for the manufacture of our tubes or requested by third parties.

Drawing from a wide range of skills and competencies, we can carry out the entire tube and assembly manufacturing process in-house. We can be your single-stop partner for the tube components in the manufacture of machinery and appliances for refrigeration, air conditioning and HoReCa.

over 20



of tube processed each year


of electricity used is self-generated


self-production of technical gases for brazing


A growth rooted in experience

One family and 20 professionals at your service

Bomat was founded in 1992 by the Boraso family. Today, the company employs over 20 people, mostly women, offering a wide range of skills and abilities. Our technical department can offer valuable support to our customers from the very earliest stages of product design, analysing and suggesting solutions capable to streamline production and reduce costs. Our manufacturing department is staffed by highly specialised machine operators and brazers, certified under UNI EN 13585:2012.


Reliability and passion: Our commitment to the manufacture of copper tubes and assemblies

All manufacturing processes and materials we use are subject to strict quality checks, documented and certified under ISO 9001:2015.

This allows us to ensure the absolute reliability of our products, and achieve a zero returns production.

ISO and UNI certificates for the entire production process.
High quality materials: Certified 100% pure copper.
Streamlined production thanks to automatic warehouses and in-house construction of equipment and jigs.
Use of innovative equipment, including laser measurement and hydrogen welding.
From electricity to technical gases for brazing, we self-produce almost all the resources we use in our production.

From co-design to production for the refrigeration, air conditioning and HoReCa sectors.

We work copper, aluminium, iron and steel tubes and pipes for the manufacture of refrigeration, heating and lubrication systems, without minimum batch sizes.

Our technical department can support our customers from the very earliest stages of product design, analysing and suggesting solutions capable to streamline production and reduce costs.

Bomat and Mittech

In 2013, Bomat joined five other companies to create the Mittech business network and develop common synergies and exchange of know-how. At the heart of the agreement is the idea of making services and products better and more competitive, strengthening our presence in our target markets and attracting new potential customers, both in Italy and abroad.