Shaped and assembled rigid tubes

Since 1992, we have specialised in the production of copper, aluminium, iron and steel tubes from Ø0.6mm to Ø22mm for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems and equipment.

Copper tubes
for the HVAC-R industry

Tube assemblies and fabrications

Assemblies consisting of our tubes, brazed to commercial components to customer specifications. These assemblies can be delivered complete with insulation and/or sheathing.

Curved and shaped tubes

Manufactured to customer design, they can have shaped ends and can be delivered complete with mounted accessories, such as accumulators, fittings or insulating sleeves.

Flat and 3D coils

Flat and 3D coils made to customer drawings using CNC machinery. They can have shaped ends and can be delivered complete with fitted accessories.

Coated tubing / Condensate evaporation tubing

Shaped pipes or coils to which protection is applied to protect them from corrosion. This protection can be a plastic sheath or a painted or galvanic coating.

Heat exchangers

Called coaxial exchangers, tube-to-tube exchangers or tube-to-capillary exchangers, they can also be delivered with shaped ends and complete with fitted accessories.

Spiral coils

Coils made to design, they can be circular or rectangular in shape, also with shaped ends and complete with mounted accessories.

Mechanical parts and equipment

Using an extensive machining equipment complement, we produce in-house mechanical components, jigs and other equipment for third parties.

The advantages of relying on Bomat

A single point of contact for streamlined production of high-quality tubes and assemblies.

We are your single point of contact for the complete production cycle, from the tube to the valve bank, thanks to an experienced and attentive design department, equipment designed and produced internally, and cutting-edge machinery that makes our structure lean and flexible in all production departments.

  • Co-design by our specialised technical department.
  • Use of 100% pure copper.
  • High-tech machinery for high quality production.
  • Full traceability of our products.
  • Hydrogen brazing for more reliable and effective results.
  • In-house development and manufacture of equipment and jigs.
  • Your single point of contact for tubes and assemblies with other components.

Copper tubes for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries

Specialised in the transformation of tubes with a diameter between Ø0.6mm and Ø22mm, we work together with the best brands and manufacturers of HoReCa, heating and air conditioning machinery and appliances.

  • Refrigeration
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Solar thermal