Heat exchangers

Tube-in-tube heat exchangers

From Ø0.6mm to Ø22mm
Cu-Ni heat exchangers also
Wide range of types of connections

Manufacture of high quality coaxial heat exchangers

We make coaxial heat exchangers and sheathed heat exchangers, either straight or shaped, for the exchange of heat between fluids, gases or liquids flowing inside the two tubes. The ends of the tubing of our exchangers can be processed based on your requirements. We are able to manufacture double-tube heat exchangers with a variety of connections between the tubes, provided with all required accessories.

We also manufacture Cu-Ni coaxial heat exchangers.

Concentric tube heat exchangers fitted with:

  • Capillary tubing
  • Insulating sheathing
  • End fittings

Why rely on Bomat for the production of double-tube heat exchangers

Over the course of the years, we have made significant investments in our company, always looking to the future. Today, Bomat is one of the most important companies in the production of coaxial heat exchangers.

Streamlined manufacture of coaxial heat exchangers

Our internal streamlined production facilities allow us to manufacture both coaxial exchangers and other types of tubing and piping in a quick and reliable manner. 

  • Automated vertical warehouse
  • Latest generation tube machining plants
  • Hydrogen brazing for copper tubes – safer and more effective than traditional methods
  • In-house design and production department for equipment and jigs

Zero returns

The high quality of our materials and craftsmanship means that we have near zero returns.

  • High quality 100% pure copper
  • Laser measurement
  • Certified welding technicians
  • Professional bending and shaping machine operators
  • Fully traceable products, from the material used to the processing

Single point of contact, even for small batches

We can be your single point of contact for the fabrication of coaxial heat exchangers.

  • Wide range of capabilities available
  • In-house design department
  • Stock control and external supplier management for the purchase of commercial components for assemblies

Our machines and the
processes carried out in Bomat


Tube-to-capillary exchangers for refrigeration and air conditioning

We are the tube-in-tube heat exchangers fabrication partners of the best brands and manufacturers of HoReCa, conditioning and refrigeration machinery and appliances.

  • Heat exchange between fluids flowing inside the two tubes
  • For both liquids and gases


Since 1992, specialized in the manufacture, fabrication and processing of tubes

We are a team made up of technical designers and certified operators: Every single year, we work 990km of tube and manufacture 1 million components. From the design to the streamlined manufacture of the product you need, we can be your one-stop partner for all your requirements.

Ask us for more information about our production

Using innovative equipment and machinery, our specialised personnel can carry out a wide range of different processes and machining jobs.
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