Mechanical parts and equipment

Mechanical parts and equipment

Small equipment
Welding, brazing and testing fuxtures
Available also for contract manufacturing

Manufacture of mechanical parts and equipment

We make small equipment, including bending jigs, brazing and welding jigs, testing jigs, and mechanical parts in general for internal use. In addition, we can supply equipment, prototypes and small batches of mechanical components on a contract manufacturing basis.

Design and manufacture of:

  • Tube processing equipment
  • Bending jigs and fixtures
  • Tools for tube end processing
  • Equipment for wire bending and processing
  • Equipment for the assembly of mechanical parts
  • Equipment for assembly and testing of electronic equipment
  • Welding jigs
  • Special applications on workbenches and assembly benches
  • Control templates
  • Welding and brazing jigs

Research, development and quality in mechanical equipment

Our technicians in our in-house R&D department design all the mechanical equipment necessary for our work, using modern 3D CAD software. Drawing from decades of experience, we can develop highly complex designs.

Our expert operators employ modern and efficient CNC machines to manufacture, assemble and test the mechanical components used by the equipment we build.


Our machines and the
processes carried out in Bomat

The advantages of relying on Bomat

Over the years we have made major investments in our technology and expertise, and today we have become a point of reference for the production of small-diameter tubes.

Specialised in the manufacture of custom-bent tubes with a maximum diameter of 22mm.
Even in small batches, with no minimum batch size.
We also supply samples and prototypes with very quick turnaround times.
High quality of materials and craftsmanship for zero returns on average.


Since 1992, specialized in the manufacture, fabrication and processing of tubes

We are a team made up of technical designers and certified operators: Every single year, we work 990km of tube and manufacture 1 million components. From the design to the streamlined manufacture of the product you need, we can be your one-stop partner for all your requirements.

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Using innovative equipment and machinery, our specialised personnel can carry out a wide range of different processes and machining jobs.
Contact our technical department for more information.