CRIBIS Prime Company Certificate

CRIBIS Prime Company Certificate

30 novembre 2023

Bomat srl was awarded another important recognition.

We have been awarded the title of CRIBIS Prime Company by CRIBIS D&B, the CRIF Group company specialized in the provision of commercial information, i.e. the status of a company recognized as having the highest level of reliability from the point of view of commercial relations.

The CRIBIS Prime Company is a highly valuable recognition that is awarded every year to only 7% of the over 6 million Italian companies.

It is attributed using the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a synthetic indicator which, based on a statistical algorithm, measures the probability that a company would generate serious commercial debts. There are numerous variables that are analysed, such as balance sheet indices, past payment experiences, the presence of negative information as well as, obviously, personal data and data relating to the legal form, the geographical area to which they belong, the size and seniority of the company.

The CRIBIS Prime Company recognition is therefore the highest level of evaluation of the commercial reliability of an organization and is issued only and exclusively to companies that constantly maintain high economic-commercial reliability and are virtuous in payments to suppliers.

A real guarantee for all those who have chosen and who choose Bomat srl as a commercial partner for their business.